Stoner Inc. Acquires Meguiar's Paste Wax Mold Release Products

Adding M-8, M-87 and M-88 Products to their Composite Mold Release Lineup

Stoner Molding Solutions, a division of Stoner Inc., announces the acquisition of the Meguiar’s Paste Wax Mold Release products from Meguiar’s Inc, a business owned by 3M. This acquisition positions Stoner Molding Solutions as a world leader in Composite mold releases.

The Meguiar’s products include the well-known and widely used M0811V2 Maximum Mold Release Wax, M8711 High Temp Mold Release Wax and M8811 Universal Mold Release Wax. Stoner, Inc. will begin supplying the three products immediately, and will soon begin offering these products under Stoner's new "Miracle Gloss" brand.

These products complement the Stoner Molding Solutions mold release brand portfolio for the composite molding industry, as well as the current offerings of releases, cleaners and rust preventatives for the plastics, rubber, polyurethane and casting industries.

Product group image of Meguiar's M8 Past Wax Mold Release

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