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Stoner Molding Solutions Mold Cleaners

Keep your molds clean and rust free with this FREE SAMPLE kit!

Offer ends August 31, 2018. Make sure to use the PROMO CODE found on your postcard to qualify.


Mold Cleaners and Rust Prevention

Every molder relies on his tools to make a living. Injection molders can churn out hundreds of parts per minute; while composite molders may only make one luxury yacht hull a year, but both depend on their molds and machines to turn a profit. So how do you maximize your profit, reduce the amount of down-time, and keep your molds producing an income? The answer is proper part maintenance.

Stoner Molding Solutions offer a variety of product specifically designed to keep molds from rusting, or for blasting away buildup.

Products like CUT non-chlorinated cleaner is a powerful, fast acting, non-CFC, precision cleaner and degreaser that removes grease, oils, waxes, inks, tars and silicone oils from tools, equipment, molds, metal parts, and more.

A497 Non-Flammable Cleaner for Molds contains powerful cleaning agents to remove grease, oil, carbon deposits, and build-up from mold surfaces. This non- flammable mold cleaner contains no trichloroethylene and quickly removes difficult mold build-up, leaving no residue after drying.
Rust prevention can be achieved for both short and long-term storage of molds. A612 Thin Film Rust Preventive provides short term protection against moisture and oxidation. It prevents rust and corrosion from ruining exposed steel and stored metals overnight and on weekends. A612 works off during start-up and requires no cleaning.

Long term storage can be achieved with Stoner Molding Solutions A677 Heavy Duty Rust Preventive. It allows you to ship or store parts, molds, tooling, or machinery without damage from rust, corrosion, or oxidation. A677 leaves a heavy duty film on exposed metal to seal out dampness and prevent rust and corrosion. Ideal for plastic and rubber molds.

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