Bill Houck

Composite Molding & Investment Casting Expert

Bill Houck - Composites

BS in Communication from Lenoir-Rhyne University

Area of Specialization

Composite Molding and Investment Casting


13 years at Stoner, 22 years in the chemical industry

About Bill

I have an interest and passion for learning about any issues or challenges facing customers and prospects, and then aiming to work on a solution. Our products can help molders save time and money by improving their process and molding cycles. With our Team, if I don’t have the answer, we’ll identify and find someone who does.

I remember walking into an early morning meeting with seven engineers in Little Rock, Arkansas a few years ago. We found a very skeptical crew that didn’t like change, and were preoccupied. We also found out rifle deer hunting season started that morning, and they were anxious to get out – but still in a good mood. It turned out that their time was well invested. We figured that they saved over $200,000 that first year in labor costs by switching to one of our releases, eliminating the need to post-finish parts.

One of our investment casting customers wanted to switch from silicone to a no-wash wax pattern release. This change saved them 1.5 to 2.0 minutes per part, or 1,625 hours a year. That’s quite a savings!

Product Passions

I’m really passionate about our excellent solvent semi-permanent and TraSys water-based releases. Both offer exceptional value and ease of use and application. They are unique in the industry for releasing polyester, vinyl-ester, epoxy and phenolic resins.

For Investment Casters, our premium wax pattern release products help eliminate flow lines and increase parts per application - insuring improved part appearance. It’s all due to our advanced aerosol technology and advances in spray systems and formulations that are unique to Stoner Inc. We formulate both silicone and no wash silicone-free pattern releases.