Chris Reeck

Rubber Mold Release Expert

Chris Reeck - Rubber

BS in Political Science - University of Minnesota

Area of Specialization

Rubber Molding Release Agents


Over 18 years of experience in account management and sales in the pharmaceutical industry. Three years of experience as the Product Manager at Stoner Inc.

About Chris

I enjoy working with manufacturers to find mold release solutions to improve their manufacturing process with rubber molded products. Recently, I consulted with a large manufacturer of Industrial Hose to develop a release agent that solved their quality issues. At the same time I supported a large customer of another large industrial hose manufacturer to modify their current Stoner Release Agent to improve the performance with CPE rubber compounds.

Product Passions

I’ve seen our TraSys 3000, which is a semi-permanent, water based, release coating for rubber, fluoropolymer, epoxy and plastic laminates, yield up to 4 times more releases per cycle than ordinary rubber mold release. This is a newly developed product that can be used for tires, seals and gaskets. Customers should be excited about this product and how it can improve their process, quality and reduce their annual mold release budget.