Larry Whittemore

Plastics Mold Release Expert

Larry Whittemore - Thermoplastics

BS in Business Administration with a Concentration in Chemistry from West Virginia University

Area of Specialization


Plastic processing in Injection Molding, Blow Molding, Extrusion, Thermoforming, Rotational Molding, etc.


Larry has been in technical sales and marketing for nearly 30 years. He spent eight years with GE Plastics, four years with Kelch Injection Molding, five years with BASF, and more than a decade with Stoner. His years of experience help him to understand what the customer is going through as well as which product(s) in the Stoner arsenal offer the best solutions.

About Larry

We continue to be a market leader in the Plastics Industry and have grown to become an expert in Rotational Molding Industry not only here in the USA but around the world.

We have had such great success with the TraSys Mold Releases and RotoFlow. I am excited to expand this product line further both domestically and internationally. I am also excited about introducing the Stoner line of Injection Molding Mold Releases, Mold Cleaners, and Rust Preventives to help our Global Injection Molding Partners mold more parts in less time, manufacture more quality parts, and save both time and money.