Win Doolittle

Composite Molding Expert

Win Doolittle - Composites

BS Accounting/Finance from Babson College
MBA from Babson College

Area of Specialization

Composites Industry


5 Years of operations experience with a large US fabricator of composite tanks and pipe
17 years of Technical Sales Management with a composites material distributor
10 Years of International Sales Management and Distributor End User training.

About Win

I have helped develop the SPC web site, product brochures and Technical Data Sheets for all products. I’ve opened and trained distributors in Saudi Arabia, Dubai, Egypt, China, Vietnam, Malaysia, Thailand, Mexico, Australia, Turkey, Croatia, Italy, Germany, France, and Indonesia. I have also pioneered the introduction of water based release agents into the composites industry.

Product Passions

Water based chemistry is now at the forefront of Stoner’s technical innovation. All Stoner water based release agents are totally non-hazardous and non-flammable and have either -0- or extremely low VOC levels.

TraSys 9825 and TraSys 420 are outstanding water based semi-permanent release agents for use with heated molds for compression molding. They are tough, easy to apply and will provide multiple release cycles similar to solvent based semi-permanents.

Honey Wax Liquid WB is a new carnauba wax release agent that has used water to replace all of the solvents. Even better than the original Honey Wax or Honey Wax 250.

LM 17 is a new wax based emulsion that replaces any of the edge or slurry waxes on the market for use with polymer concrete, marble hats, mold edges etc. Applies faster and uses much less.

P229 is a concentrated silicone emulsion that is easily diluted by the fabricator. Provides the lowest cost release in the industry for epoxy or polyester filament wound pipe or fittings or with polymer concrete fabricators.

Bringing ease of use and 21st century chemistry for today’s demanding fabricators. That is my passion!