Mold Release Agent for Plastic Applications

We've been creating molding solutions for the thermoplastics industry since the 1950s. We understand that every molder wants to get as many releases as possible out of each application—with less downtime and less waste. That's why we at Stoner Molding Solutions work closely with the thermoplastics industry to create ground-breaking products that reduce scrap and increase productivity.

Our high-performing mold release agents for plastic, along with our cleaners, mold rust preventatives, and mold lubricants, are specifically formulated for the thermoplastics industry and are designed to:

  • Optimize cycle time
  • Produce a consistent surface finish
  • Reduce post-mold prep work before gluing, painting, or welding
  • Minimize mold flow lines
  • Reduce scrap parts and lower production costs

We offer both silicone and non-silicone formulations that provide an easy release for most highly-engineered resins used in several molding processes.

Our Release Agents Are Used in Industries Worldwide

Injection Molding

Injection molding is ideal for high-volume, mass-produced products that require thousands or even millions of the same parts, such as toys, kitchen utensils, surgical equipment, bottle caps, and more. It is typically a cost-efficient, high-output, low-waste, and versatile endeavor. Challenges can come when injection molding machinery—which is costly to repair—breaks down from excessive wear and tear. This is why it's crucial to maximize mold performance with Stoner mold release agents.

Rotational Molding

Combining high temperatures and rotational movement, rotational molding can easily form an even-walled component. Rotational molding produces high-strength parts with very little waste, though it is a slower process than some other plastics molding operations. Choosing a mold release agent for plastic that keeps rotational molding operations moving efficiently is a key to success.


While other plastic molding processes insert plastic film and sheet into a mold, extrusion molding moves melted plastic directly into a die. It is the shape of the die—not the mold itself—that determines the resulting part's shape. This makes extrusion perfect for creating atypical cross-sections and guarantees a smooth finish on the end product. Preventing waste in extrusion molding is essential, and the right mold release agent for plastic is central to that goal.

Blow Molding and Packaging

Blow molding, designed for high-volume manufacturing of hollow objects, creates uniformly thin-walled products at a very low cost. It can be used to achieve shapes that injection molding can't support, but blow molding does require close tolerances that buildup on molds can interfere with, increasing waste. You owe it to your team to optimize your blow and packaging molds with Stoner mold release agents.

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Mold Release Options

Whether your molding process requires conventional sacrificial coatings or semi-permanent mold release agents, Stoner offers the formulations you need to optimize production.

  • Silicone
  • Non-silicone 
  • PTFE (Polytetrafluoroethylene)
  • Semi-Permanent
  • Water & solvent-based solutions

Stoner Molding Solutions is also the global leader in rotational molding releases, flow promoters, mold cleaners, and other mold maintenance products. These products will improve your final product and increase both productivity and profits.

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Some of Our Top Selling Release Agents for Plastics

thermo e206

E206 Silicone Mold Release

  • Most popular release for fast, easy part removal
  • Multiple part releases per application
  • Meets FDA regulations for food contacting materials
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thermo e236

E236 Urethane Mold Release

  • Optimal release agent for cast elastomer molding
  • Improves part appearance and reduces defects
  • No trichloroethylene or methylene chloride
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thermo e302

E302 Rocket Mold Release

  • Considered to be "most paintable" release available
  • Allows molded parts  to be post decorated
  • Extremely versatile where food grade is required
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thermo p441

TraSys 420 General Purpose Mold Release

  • Industry benchmark for water-based rotational release
  • Silicone-free formula works on toughest applications
  • Meets molders' environmental and safety requirements
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thermo tra420

P441 Releasomers Heavy Duty Mold Release

  • General-purpose semi-permanent mold release
  • Higher amount of release than P440
  • Ideal for thermoplastics, elastomers, and more
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