Miracle Gloss®

Miracle Gloss® by Stoner Molding Solutions

Comprehensive Composite Molding System

Known for superior performance and consistent quality, Stoner Molding Solutions is a world-renowned leader in composite mold release technologies.

We are proud to announce the following new formulations to the Miracle Gloss® range:


Mold Cleaner

Powerful blend of solvents that when used on non-pourous tooling surfaces will effectively remove waxes, grease, oil, and other surface contaminates.


Mold Sealer

Designed to seal micro porosity and small surface imperfections and acts as a base coat for any Miracle Gloss® mold release agent.


Mold Release

Rapid curing semi-permanent mold release agent that provides multiple releases for molders of polyester, vinyl esters, DCPD, and epoxy resins. Wipe on or spray on.


Mold Release Wax

Costly blend of imported waxes formulated to provide the maximum number of releases per application. Especially useful on plugs, new molds, and tooling.


We are committed to listening to the needs of composites engineers and fabricators and meeting new environmental and technological changes under the Miracle Gloss® brand!

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