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Stoner Molding Solutions is a leading supplier of industrial mold release agents in the thermoplastics, polyurethane, composites, and rubber industries. Based in Quarryville, PA, Stoner Molding Solutions has been helping manufacturers mold more parts in less time since 1942.

Unlike many mold release brands, Stoner Molding Solutions formulates, manufactures, and distributes our own products. We specialize in lean manufacturing, which translates into short runs of high-value, customer-specific products. As a manufacturer, Stoner provides strong batch consistency, reliable product quality, and world-class technical support and customer service to molders worldwide.


Mold Releases

We offer a full suite of mold release agents designed to optimize your production process and significantly improve your bottom line. We can even work with your team to find a customized solution that meets your production goals.

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Mold Sealers

Mold sealers are an important first step with many molding processes. Apply to any non-porous tooling surface (metal, composite, glass, etc.) as an effective base coat for semi-permanent or sacrificial wax release agents.

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Mold Cleaners

Clean molds translate to higher quality parts! Our mold cleaners are designed to work in conjunction with our mold releases and sealers to remove buildup that can result in discoloration and poor mold performance.

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Rust Prevention

Whether you’re shipping molds overseas, storing molds between production runs, or preparing molds for long-term storage, Stoner Molding Solutions offers rust prevention solutions to protect your critical assets.

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Prevent excessive wear and premature failure with our heavy-duty, food-grade silicone lubricant, and penetrating lubricants that work well for a variety of molds and machinery.

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