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Mold release agents are a fundamental part of the manufacturing process, but they are rarely acknowledged for the value they create.


The right release agent can combat many common production challenges, including:


  • Sticking parts
  • Cracking
  • Buildup on parts and molds
  • Excess release transfer that impacts part appearance
  • Scrapped parts
  • Limited cycles

Removing these challenges increases uptime and overall productivity, reduces scrap cost, and eliminates many late shipments.

Multiple sizes and application types to meet your needs

Our Mold Release Products for Industry

Mold Release Agent for Plastic


Looking for the best mold release agents for plastics manufacturing, including for injection molding, rotational molding, thermoforming, or blow molding?

Stoner Molding Solutions offers release products for paintable and specialized applications such as dry films, zinc stearates, and thermosets, including:

  • Conventional (or sacrificial) coatings, both silicone and silicone-free formulas
  • TraSys® line of semi-permanent, water-based mold release solutions explicitly designed for the rotational molding industry
  • Mold release dispersions and mold release spray, including VOC-free, silicone-free, PTFE, or fluorochemical options.


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Mold Release Agent for Rubber


Need a mold release agent for natural or synthetic rubbers? With more than 75 years of experience in the rubber release field, Stoner pioneered tire mold releases in 1942 to keep factories running longer, with better results and less downtime.

Since then, we've developed many mold release agents for rubber designed to protect mold surfaces from the most abrasive rubbers and effectively increase mold life span.

Our rubber mold release product line currently includes:

  • Sacrificial Molding Solutions
  • Semi-Permanent Molding Solutions
  • Silicone-Free Molding Solutions
  • Mandrel-Built Hose Molding Solutions
  • Tire Molding Solutions
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Mold Release Agent for Polyurethane


Polyurethane foam and cast elastomers have become the material of choice in today's automotive products, commercial insulation, and many other growing industries. Stoner Molding Solutions is proud to offer innovative mold release agents for these products, designed to prevent buildup and produce a superior finish surface.

Reduces buildup, cuts cleaning time, and reduces wasted product, improving productivity and the bottom line. We offer release agents for glossy, matte, and satin finishes for a variety of applications, including:

  • Cast Elastomer
  • Flexible and Rigid Molded Foam
  • Polyiso Insulation
  • Recycled Rubber
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Mold Release Agent for Composites


Are you looking for mold release agents for synthetic composite materials?

Stoner Molding Solutions is the world leader in composite mold releases with water and solvent-based sacrificial releases, water-based releases for compression molding, and an excellent line of solvent-based semi-permanents. Stoner also carries an extensive line of paste wax mold release, including Honey Wax® and Miracle Gloss® M8.

Our composite molding solutions help make everything from massive wind turbines that power the future, to boat hulls and automotive parts made from space-age materials like carbon fiber. With more than 75 years of experience in the mold release industry, our experts can find the right combination of releases and sealers that will maximize your composites production and profits.

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Why Use Stoner Mold Release Coatings?

At Stoner Molding Solutions, we offer a full suite of parts molding release agents for the thermoplastics, polyurethane, composites, and rubber manufacturing industries.

Every Stoner mold release formulation is designed to optimize your molding operations and production processes, significantly improving your bottom line. Stoner's Ph.D. chemists and molding experts see every process as unique and will work directly with your team to find a customized molding solution.

The Stoner line of mold release agents includes:

  • Conventional (or sacrificial) coatings
  • Mold release coatings designed for post-decorative or bonding applications
  • Semi-permanent mold release solutions for multiple releases per application

Stoner's mold release coatings are available in many sizes and application types, including aerosols, liquids, and solid paste wax formulations.

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Unlike many mold release brands, Stoner Molding Solutions formulates, manufactures, and distributes our own products. Check out our full line of mold releases, sealers, cleaners, rust preventatives, and lubricants. In stock products are ready to ship now!

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