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M520 Zip Slip Silicone Grease

2 lb. Can


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Stoner M520 ZIP-SLIP will help you save time, money and improve part quality. ZIP-SLIP is an excellent preventative
maintenance product when applied to the parting line of the mold. ZIP-SLIP will help eliminate unwanted build-up of
resin on the parting line that can cause gaps, leaks, messes, increased equipment maintenance and clean up time. ZIPSLIP improves efficiencies by maintaining a tighter seal on the parting line, it helps eliminate pinholes, voids, and blowholes.

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• Eliminate unwanted build-up of resin on the parting line.
• Maintain tighter seal of mold, reducing leaks and messes.
• Improves part appearance and reduces defects caused by gaps in the parting line.
• Save time on equipment maintenance and clean up.
• Colorless and non-staining.

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