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A585 Zip ME-2000 Citrahol Aerosol

12 oz/ 12 per CS


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FDA compliant mold cleaner and degreaser removes resins, carbon deposits, silicones and contaminants from molds. Contains Citrahol, a highly refined extract of citrus fruit.

ZIP ME-2000 is a natural precision mold cleaner typically used as a degreaser in the plastics and rubber molding industries.

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  • Dissolves and flushes away most release agents from metal molds prior to application of rust preventives.
  • Cleans molds –in or out of the press– by removing resins, carbon deposits, and other contaminants left in the cavities.
  • Removes greases, oils, waxes, inks, tars, silicones, and other contaminants from molds. Always test before using with plastics or solvent-sensitive materials.

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