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TRA512PLXXX2  / Water-Based

Stoner TraSys 512 Liquid

TraSys 512 mandrel release coating is a water-based dispersion designed for water stripping operations and can be applied to flexible or rigid mandrels. When applied to a mandrel, it exhibits outstanding release or anti-stick properties and has a very low coefficient of friction. It is clean, non-oily, nonstaining, chemically inert, and can function in temperatures to 260°C (500°F) or higher. TraSys 512 mandrel release coating has unique properties, making it an excellent release agent for all types of rubber, fluoropolymer, and plastic. Unlike oily release agents, when properly applied, it does not cause hose tube pitting.

Industry   Rubber Molding Solutions
Chemical State Liquid
Product Category Prevent parts from sticking to molds
Size 5 Gal.


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