M883 Poly Out Polyurethane Mold Release

5 Gallon



M883 Poly Out Polyurethane

Mold Release 5 Gallon

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  • Solvent based wax suspension for flexible molded foam
  • Consistent open cell finish and reduces build-up
  • Silicone-free reduces skinning, voids, and wax burns


Stoner's M883 PolyOut Polyurethane Release is a versatile, silicone free release designed to release flexible molded foams. Also provides excellent results with in-mold coatings. The silicone free formula is compatible with many coatings resulting in less clean-up of parts. More mold up-time due to low build-up. Produces uniform open cell finish molded foams. Reduces skinning, voids, and wax burns seen with other mold releases. Versatile release can often be applied with existing equipment. Better productivity due to clog free spraying. Release agent and anti-stick lubricant for flexible molded foams.


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