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A320 All Purpose Mold Cleaner - Concentrated & High pH

1 gal. / 4 per case



A320 All Purpose Mold Cleaner

- Concentrated & High pH 1 gal. / 4 per case

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  • Concentrated, water-based, high pH cleaner for molds
  • Quickly cuts through mold release, color & resin build-up, etc.
  • Non-flammable


Stoner's A320 All Purpose Cleaner is a time-saving, concentrated, water-based cleaner for your molds. This powerful, high pH cleaner quickly cuts through, Mold Release, color build-up, grease, oil, dirt, stains, and other tough grime within minutes of application. A320 All Purpose Cleaner is non-flammable, you don’t have to send your out tool to be sand blasted, you can clean the tool while it is on the spider, quickly cleans even the dirtiest tool. Powerful cleaner used to remove: mold release, colorants, resin build-up, waxes, metal, rubber.


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