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A592 Medium Term Rust Preventive (Lasts Weeks)

12 oz/12 per CS



A592 Medium Term

Rust Preventive (Lasts Weeks) 12 oz/12 per CS

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  • Medium term rust protection (several weeks)
  • Contains an acid neutralizer for fingerprint acids
  • Prevents further rusting of chrome plated surfaces


Stoner's A592 Medium Term Rust Preventive (formerly ZIP ME-2410NS) is a one-step, medium-term coating (longer then weekend) used as a mold protectant in the plastics and rubber molding industries.

Protects molds and exposed metals against moisture, oxidation and corrosion and leaves a microfilm coating of penetrating lubricant.

Special, built-in acid neutralizer retards the effects of mild acids, alkalies, and fingerprints.

Penetrates and loosens parts that are frozen due to rust or corrosion and removes light rust.

Useful as a tap and die lubricant. Many automotive applications.


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