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A595 Heavy Duty Mold Cleaner for Large Surface Areas

15 oz / 12 per CS



A595 Heavy Duty Mold Cleaner

for Large Surface Areas 15 oz / 12 per CS

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  • Long evaporation for deep cleaning large surfaces
  • Powerful spray blasts away dirt, grease, grime, buildup
  • Contains no Trichloroethylene


A595 Heavy Duty Mold Cleaner is a non-chlorinated cleaner for large surface areas with a fast acting, cleaner and degreaser for molds and tooling. It contains powerful cleaning agents to remove resin build-up, grease, oils, waxes, inks, tars and silicone oils from molds, tools, and equipment. Leaves no residue! A595 also removes finger marks from molds and tooling.

A595 has an extra powerful spray stream that precisely applies, dissolves, and flushes away most resin residues and release agents from metal molds. Cleans and prepares molds prior to application of rust preventives.

A595 contains no chlorinated solvents such as trichloroethylene or methylene chloride. Contains no ozone depleting substances.

A595 is used in the molding and manufacturing industry for cleaning molds, tools, machinery, metals, and equipment. For high temperature use or applications requiring a non-flammable cleaner, try Stoner A497 Non-Flammable Mold Cleaner.

Direction for Use

Hold the can upright when spraying. Do not turn the can upside down or sideways when spraying or only the propellant will vent. If enough propellant is vented, can pressure could decrease to a point where the can will not spray. Shake the can well before using. Hold can 8 to 10 inches from mold surface. Direct sprayhead at mold surface and depress spray button. Difficult residue may require a second application.

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