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Paintable Mold Release for Injection Molding

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E302 Rocket Mold Release

  • Considered to be "most paintable" release available
  • Allows molded parts to be post decorated
  • Extremely versatile where food grade is required

E313 Release & Paint Mold Release

  • Allows parts to be painted, hotstamped, decorated
  • Allows multiple part releases per application
  • Economical - a light coating produces best results

E317 Heavy Duty Release & Paint Mold Release

  • Formulated as a heavy-duty paintable release agent
  • Ideal for large, intricate, or difficult parts
  • Long lasting anti-stick film allows post decorating

E342 Zero Stick Mold Release

  • Acceptable where food grade release is required
  • Long lasting film allows parts to be post decorated
  • Economical - a light coating produces best results

E408 Dry Film Mold Release

  • Extremely versatile, dry-film, paintable release
  • Contains no silicones, oils, or waxes
  • Molded parts require no cleaning prior to decorating

E436 Mold Release & Ejector Pin Lube

  • Food grade release agent and anti-stick lubricant
  • Formulated for plastics, rubber, similar material
  • Long lasting film allows for multiple part releases

E474 Zinc Stearate Mold Release

  • Dry powder, heavy-duty release agent
  • Allows molded parts to be post-decorated
  • Ideal for testing new molds

E455 Thermoset Mold Release - Compression Molded Thermosets

  • Formulated for compression molded thermosets
  • Contains no silicones or oils
  • Eliminates need for paste or block wax releases

E497 Thermoset Mold Release - Plastics, Rubber, and Similar

  • For molded thermoset plastics, rubber, and similar
  • Ideal for epoxies, phenolics, and thermoset resins
  • No silicones or oils. Eliminates need for paste wax.

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