Rubber Mold Release Agent to Increase Tool Life

The flexibility of rubber makes it the perfect material for a wide range of products, from tires and sporting goods to office equipment, footwear, and household appliances. In fact, uncured rubber compounds are so flexible they can be molded into nearly any shape, making them the perfect choice for many applications. 

However, rubber’s versatility also presents many molding challenges. The compounds used in the rubber molding process vary widely in chemical makeup, resulting in many abrasive or aggressive compounds that can damage mold surfaces, drastically shortening tool life.

With more than 75 years of experience in the rubber release field, Stoner Molding Solutions provides solutions to address the challenges in the rubber molding process while reducing scrap rates and protecting the life of your molds, which leads to improved productivity.

Our releases, cleaners, rust preventives, and lubricants are specifically formulated for molded rubber parts and rubber production environments and designed to:

  • Protect mold surfaces against chemically-aggressive and abrasive compounds
  • Allow easy release of parts from molds in a wide array of complex shapes
  • Provide the right amount of “slip” or lubrication for a given application
  • Reduce scrap rates
  • Produce superior parts
  • Reduce downtime and cut production costs

Stoner Molding Solutions offers a wide range of cost-effective solutions for natural and synthetic rubbers. Our breadth of products includes water and solvent-based release agents that provide both semi-permanent or sacrificial coatings for compression and transfer molding. Protect your rubber mold surface from the most abrasive rubbers with Stoner Mold Release.

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