Extend Mold Life with Our Mold Release Lubricant

Whether you need to keep ejector pins moving easily or want to protect molds and tools stored between production runs, the right lubricant is essential to prevent excessive wear and premature failure.

Stoner Molding Solutions offers lubricant formulations which include a heavy-duty, food-grade silicone lubricant, and two penetrating lubricants that work well for a variety of molds and machinery.

Available in Many Sizes

Stoner’s lubricants are available in many sizes and application types.

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Why Stoner Lubricants?

At Stoner Molding Solutions we offer lubricants formulated for maximum protection of molds and equipment for the thermoplastics, polyurethane, composites, and rubber industries.

Lubricant Benefits:

  • Reduce friction and prevent sticking for faster, quieter, and more efficient machine operation
  • Food-grade silicone lubricant repels water in a colorless, tasteless, and nonstaining formulation, making it the perfect choice for many materials including plastic, rubber, metals, paper, canvas, vinyl, glass, foam, wood, leather, and fabrics.
  • Our penetrating lubricants are designed to clean, lubricate and protect most metal surfaces, while penetrating between close tolerance parts to quickly dissolve and loosen rust, corrosion, dirt, and scale.

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Our industry-leading experts, chemists, and engineers are here whether you need advice on the best lubricant for your operation or want to discuss other aspects of production. We can even work with you to create custom formulations, tailored to meet your production requirements.

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