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Reduce Downtime with Our Mold Release Agents

Mold release agents are a fundamental part of the manufacturing process but are rarely acknowledged for the value they create.

Yet, the right release agent can combat many common production challenges including:

  • Sticking parts
  • Cracking
  • Build up
  • Excess release transfer that impacts part appearance
  • And much more…

Removing these challenges increases uptime and overall productivity, reduces scrap cost, and eliminates many late shipments.

stoner sizes

Stoner's mold release coatings are available in many sizes and application types.

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Why Stoner Mold Release?

At Stoner Molding Solutions, we offer a full suite of parts molding release agents for the thermoplasticspolyurethanecomposites, and rubber industries.

Every Stoner formulation is designed to optimize your molding operations and production processes to significantly improve your bottom line. Stoner’s PhD chemists and molding experts see every process as unique and will work directly with your team to find a customized solution.

The Stoner line of mold releases includes:

  • Conventional (or sacrificial) coatings
  • Coatings designed for post decorative or bonding applications
  • Semi-permanent mold release technology for multiple releases per application

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Our industry-leading experts, chemists, and engineers are here to listen and provide honest value. We’ll help you troubleshoot your process and recommend the right products for your needs. We can even work with you to create custom formulations tailored to meet your production requirements.

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Unlike many mold release brands, Stoner Molding Solutions formulates, manufactures, and distributes our own products. Check out our full line of mold releases, sealers, cleaners, rust preventatives, and lubricants. In stock products are ready to ship now!

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