Mold Release Agent for Plastic Applications

At Stoner Molding Solutions we understand that every molder wants to get as many releases out of every application with less downtime and less waste. That’s why we work closely with the thermoplastic industry to create ground-breaking products that reduce scrap and increase productivity. In fact, we’ve been creating solutions for the thermoplastics industry since the 1950s.

Our high-performing releases, cleaners, rust preventives, and lubricants are specifically formulated for the thermoplastics industry and designed to:

  • Optimize cycle time
  • Produce a consistent surface finish
  • Reduce post mold prep work before gluing, painting, or welding
  • Minimize mold flow lines
  • Reduce scrap parts and lower production costs

We offer both silicone and silicone-free formulations that provide easy release for most highly-engineered resins used in the automotive and electronics industries, as well as many others.

Stoner Molding Solutions is also the global leader in rotational molding releases, flow promoters, mold cleaners, and other mold maintenance products. These products will improve your final product and increase both productivity and profits.

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