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How much time do you lose each day to slow demolding of polyurethane foams? How much effort goes into cleaning between moldings? What if you could enjoy a faster, smoother workflow with just a few choice products? You can use a generic product for your molds, but the difference between those and our specially designed polyurethane mold releases, cleaners, and lubricants is night and day.

You and your process are unique, and we want to make sure you receive a perfect-fitting product that will save you time, money, and frustration. Speak to us today, and we’ll take the time to learn about your polyurethane molds, products, and processes. We don’t want to be a catalog. We want to be the experts you have in your back pocket.

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Release Parts Faster and More Smoothly
from Your Polyurethane Molds

The soft yet durable qualities of polyurethane have made it an essential material across dozens of industries. Whether you are producing furniture, shoes, or insulation, you have a single goal in mind: release molded products faster, reduce waste, and maintain quality results with lower production costs. You can get all of this and more when you use Stoner’s solutions, such as:

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Want to see just how well these products will benefit your process? Order risk-free samples of our products! We have absolute confidence in our products and the experts who have formulated them. We can help you identify which products match your needs. If you have any questions or concerns about what these products might do to your molds, contact us and get a consultation from one of our polyurethane molding industry experts!

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Are You Molding Polyurethane Products in These Industries?
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You know just how attractive polyurethane mold products can be. These products are widely used in commercial and consumer goods thanks to their lightweight and flexible build. Polyurethane foam injection molding can provide consumers with comfortable shoes, cars, or even fabrics and clothing. For casting polyurethane, we are experienced with the material’s use in these industries:

Chestnut-brown car seats and center console

Automotive Industry

Polyurethane is a lightweight and durable material that can also be very soft and comfortable. This is why the automotive industry makes heavy use of the material for the interiors of both cars and trucks.

A corner of a memory foam mattress on top of a wooden floor


Similar to its use in vehicles, polyurethane memory foam is a popular material for beds and bedding materials. Many home furniture companies use polyurethane for seats and pillows.

A worker’s hand placing a block of polyurethane foam insulation against a building’s wall.


Polyurethane foam injection molding results in a light and airy material that insulates very well. Polyurethane insulation is very useful for certain styles of homeowners who don’t want to use foam spray.

a pair of tan shoes crossed on their sides, showcasing their soles


While polyurethane fabric is common, shoes are typically made with polyurethane soles thanks to the cushioning that the material provides. Polyurethane can be machined into very sharp forms that are needed in some footwear.

a bit full of colorful pool noodles


From pool noodles to surfboards to skateboard wheels, polyurethane molded goods are widely used in recreational consumer goods that need to be a mixture of durable, buoyant, and light.

A medical tubing with attachments


Polyurethane is used in a wide variety of medical products from tubing to beds, equipment to braces. This industry is where the lightweight material is so useful, allowing for nearly invisible and highly mobile equipment.


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You make polyurethane goods that need to be accurate to the mold, error-free, and made quickly. You can’t waste your time on cleaning and struggling to demold your products. Take control over your process with products that will enhance and maintain your polyurethane molds for more cycles than ever before.

Take advantage of our expertise and free sample offers so that you can set your business up for maximum success. We work with businesses of all sizes and are always excited to discuss your business processes and needs. If you want to increase your output like never before, reach out today and enjoy all the benefits we have to provide!

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