Make Higher Quality Parts in Your Polyurethane Molding Process

It can be incredibly frustrating when polyurethane foams don’t easily release from their molds, or you waste hours in downtime cleaning buildup from your mold surfaces. Your polyurethane molding operations deserve products that work as hard as you do. With exceptional products designed explicitly for polyurethane elastomers and foams from Stoner Molding Solutions, you can release more complete parts faster—saving you time, money, and frustration.

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At Stoner Molding, we know that our polyurethane mold release agents, cleaners, rust preventatives, and lubricants will dramatically improve your molding operations. That’s why we want to give you a risk-free sample of our products so that you can try them out for yourself!

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Release Parts Quickly and Easily from Your Polyurethane Molds

Polyurethane is used in many applications, from shoe soles and products in the automotive industry to commercial insulation and consumer goods. But while the manufacturing process differs between products, your objective remains the same. You want a mold release agent for polyurethane products and supporting solutions that maximize efficiency, reduce scrap parts, and produce superior products while keeping production costs as low as possible. And that’s exactly what Stoner’s products do.

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Experience the Benefits of Using Our Polyurethane Molding Products

We understand the unique challenges manufacturers face in the polyurethane industry. That’s why we’ve crafted the right products to meet those challenges head-on.

Our releasescleanersrust preventives, and  lubricants are specifically formulated for polyurethane production environments and designed to:

  • Produce a consistent surface finish
  • Keep molds cleaner, longer
  • Reduce buildup for less downtime
  • Reduce scrap parts and lower production costs
  • Produce higher quality parts

Working with strict VOC regulations in your area? Our products include water-based and VOC-free options too!


Protects Surfaces

Whether you need a sacrificial or semi-permanent release coating or a powerful cleaner to remove buildup, we designed our polyurethane molding products to protect molding surfaces, increasing the life of your molds and reducing costs.


Reduces Scrap Rates

Nothing is more aggravating than when you do everything correct in your molding process, and you still have finished parts that don’t meet the high-quality standards you expect. With Stoner’s products, you can reduce scrap rates like never before.


Reduce Downtime & Production Costs

Are you tired of wasting time from having to stop and scrub cured polyurethane from your molds? Stoner’s products have unique release properties that allow you to easily clean molds, remove parts, and eliminate buildup—all to save you downtime and money.

Why Choose Products Made by Stoner Solutions?

For nearly 80 years, Stoner Molding Solutions has been one of the largest suppliers of mold release agents for the polyurethane cast elastomer industry. We can personalize a solution for your needs with a wide array of options! Whether you need wax-based releases, custom-formulated cleaners to remove dirt and cured polyurethane, or another type of mold care item, our products will exceed your expectations.

Our dedicated team will help you get the release you need from your molds, whether from our in-stock products that are ready to ship or special made-to-order products that ship within five working days. We also employ chemists and engineers so that we are sure to find the right molding solution that helps you mold more parts in less time.

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Talk with Our Experts Today about Your Polyurethane Molding Needs!

At Stoner Molding Solutions, our exceptional product line is only part of the story. When you work with us, you’ll gain access to industry-leading experts, chemists, and engineers to help you solve your most challenging production issues. We can even create custom formulations tailored to meet your unique production requirements.

Why waste more time dealing with sticking parts, inferior molding products, and excessive downtime to clean molds? Instead, choose the mold release agents for the polyurethane molding industry that eliminates these concerns, allowing you to improve your molding efficiency and get more products created faster.

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Talk with Our Experts Today!

At Stoner Molding Solutions our exceptional product line is only part of the story. When you work with us, you’ll gain access to industry-leading experts, chemists, and engineers here to help you solve your most challenging production issues. We can even create custom formulations, tailored to meet your unique production requirements.

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