A500 All Citrus Cleaner Aerosol

12 oz/12 per CS


A500 All Citrus Cleaner

Aerosol 12 oz/12 per CS

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A500 Citrus Cleaner for Molds is an all natural precision mold cleaner for removing resins, carbon deposits, silicones and contaminants from molds.

This heavy duty mold cleaner removes greases, oils, waxes, inks, tars, silicones, and other contaminants from molds. Many applications in the electronics, automotive, aerospace and general fabrication industries.

Citrus Cleaner for Molds is made entirely from a highly refined extract of citrus fruits which are more healthy and environmentally friendly than petroleum distillates.

Its powerful formula cleans molds fast and saves time removing grease, tar, oil, dirt, adhesives, and inks from molds. This environmentally friendly, ozone safe formula contains no Class I or Class II ozone depleting substances.

It dries fast and leaves no residue on molds. Produces a pleasant citrus scent that smells like oranges. Safer than hazardous chlorinated, halogenated, and petroleum distillate cleaning solvents, methylene chloride, mineral spirits, and fluorocarbon cleaners.

Citrus Cleaner for Molds should be sprayed on, then wiped dry or blown dry with compressed air. Virtually harmless to metal molds but always test before using on plastic and solvent sensitive molds.