Mold Release Agents for Polyurethane Applications

Polyurethane is used in a vast array of applications from automotive products and commercial insulation to consumer goods. But while the manufacturing process differs between products, your objective remains the same. You want release agents and supporting products that maximize efficiency, reduce scrap parts, and produce superior products, while keeping production costs as low as possible.

At Stoner Molding Solutions we understand the unique challenges faced by manufacturers in the polyurethane industry and provide the right products to meet those challenges head on.

Our releases, cleaners, rust preventives, and lubricants are specifically formulated for polyurethane production environments and designed to:

  • Produce a consistent surface finish
  • Keep molds cleaner, longer
  • Reduce buildup for less downtime
  • Reduce scrap parts and lower production costs
  • Produce higher quality parts

Working with strict VOC regulations in your area? Our products include water-based and VOC-free options too!

Stoner Molding Solutions is also one of the largest suppliers of release agents for the cast elastomer industry. With a wide array of options, we’re able to personalize a solution for your needs!

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